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Case Study

Platform for on-demand Sales Professionals

This is a platform where the companies can find sales professionals on remote locations to close their deals. In this AWS S3 has been used for server management. Our developers have been working with 4 servers, in total, for development, testing, production and file storage. In frontend AngualrJS and javascript have been used and Laravel for backend is used by our developers. It has got dynamic filters (similar to LinkedIn) for searching Sales Professionals, Deals and Companies. Chat module similar to Skype has been developed for this project. LinkedIn and Twitter API have been used here among the social media login. Zopim and Live chat have been integrated. For payment gateway, Stripe has been used in this project. Apart from subscription fee there are also deal closing fees and other charges included in the system. This client says smartSense provides best IT Services in UK.
Development Challenges
  • Biggest challenge faced here was integrating two different frameworks (Laravel backend & WordPress) on one domain.
  • Revamping the complete system in just 30 days with a team of just 4
  • Coordination of Development structure and Client’s requirements and instant changes.
  • We did changes in nginx server configuration by rewriting urls accordingly.
  • We started working 12 hours a day and even on weekends.
  • We implemented Scrum Methodology with Trello.
Benefits & Deliverables:​
  • [1] Sales Professional login for applying and closing the deals
  • [2] Deal Manager account for posting the deals worldwide, search the right sales professional, interview the sales professional, train, hire and close.
  • [3] Detailed information pages for the users.
  • [4] Subscription Plan management

Online Taxi Booking App

This project is very similar to other taxi booking apps like Uber and Lyft. It has 4 user types a. Admin, b. Taxi company owner, c. Driver, d. End customer. We have integrated SagePay for payment gateway in this project. Our developers have used Microsoft Azure server with Apache/Tomcat for server management here. Java (Hibernate), Android, iOS, and Javascript are the languages and platforms used in this. Also automation testing using Selenium and Java unit4 have been implemented in this project. The key feature different from the other on demand taxi app is, here we have provided the feature to pre-order a taxi and that the user can create via routes for the ride. In taxi booking we also track the location of the customer and the driver both just as in UBER and Lyft. Another example of best IT Services in UK.
Development Challenges
  • SagePay payment gateway integration. They do not have technical team to support integration.
  • Time formatters were a challenge, as we used the server time for our project but in mobile it was causing an issue when the device had 24-hour format.
  • We did research & development for this task. We went through many cycles of trial & error to successfully integrate SagePay Payment gateway.
  • Server configurations were changed so that 24 hour format is also accepted from all devices.
  • [1] Chief admin panel development
  • [2] Taxi company admin panel development
  • [3] Android App for rider
  • [4] Android App for driver
  • [5] iPhone App for rider (Swift lang)
  • [6] iPhone App for driver (Swift lang)

Location based Salary search mobile application

This mobile application helps to browse salaries of people in their neighborhood and stack up against others in their industry across the country. The mobile application performs a salary search using real data provided by real people in real time based on locations, industries, companies, job satisfaction and much more. In this we used REST API development to connect with the backend which was in asp.Net. This client says smartSense provides best IT Services in USA.
Development Challenges
  • Challenge over here was to design the graphs, charts and progress bars (pie, horizontal, vertical) with animations for the dynamic data that we get from the API.
  • In order to solve this issue the API had to be changed and redeveloped as per the design requirements.
Benefits & Deliverables:​
  • [1] Android App
  • [2] iPhone App

Internet of Things: smartApp (Beacons technology)

Beacons one of the advanced technology in the world is now fringing in almost all the industries. It is becoming important for many businesses such as shopping malls, museum, stadiums, amusement parks, exhibition halls and lot more. Beacon is a small device that enables to gather accurate data within a specific limit and location. smartApp will serve deals and recommendations contextually to users in pilot location-based nearby products.
Development Challenges
  • smartAPP should be installed on the user’s device
  • User should allow/permit the smartApp notification
  • User should always turn on Bluetooth on their device
  • Some Beacons life is very short (runs out of battery)
  • Based on a customer’s location, within the range of beacons if the users had allowed the smartAPP notification then latest recommendations and coupons will appear on top of the screens. smartAPP will include dynamic shopping lists for the future uses. The user will be given personalized discounts based on the history stored.

Education mobile application for

Teachers, Student, clark, super admin, admin, multiple roles of user, multiple institues for one student

This is the most dynamic education app, only one of its kind till now. This app has 5 user types: Super admin, admin, teacher, student and clark. From this app the student can even shift the institutes while being a member in all of them. Teachers and students can track the developments of the student with the scorecards. There are push notifications integrated for various purposes. This app has more than 5 modules like practice test, attendance, scorecards, sports result, discussion forum and more. Our mobile application developers have been appreciated multiple times by this client.

Development Challenges
  • Managing live changes based on customer feedback
  • Material UI – it was just introduced and we had to implement in this app.
  • Push notification used to throw error.
  • We gave 24/7 support to our client for one full month.
  • We did extensive research and did multiple rounds of trial and error for the implementation of material UI at that time.
  • The error found to be due to multiple institutes. Now we sent a message as well saying that the push is from different institute and asked to shift the institute to access that particular push
  • [1] Android app
  • [2] iPhone app (Swift lang)

Online grocery/food ordering mobile application

This is a hyper local market app. It is similar to India’s famous apps BigBasket and Grofers. Using this app the user can browse the products and shops to order the needed items. In this we have used Laravel backend and MySQL database. There are 3 types of users: Chief admin, Shop manager and the end customer (mobile app). We have implemented push notifications in web as well as mobile user accounts. This app also has referral system with wallet management. For payments web and mobile developers have integrated PayU money here. Using this app the end customer can also view the timings of the shop and can order accordingly.
  • [1] Chief admin panel development
  • [2] Shop manager panel
  • [3] iPhone App (iPhone + iPad)
  • [4] Android App (Phone + Tab)

smartTemple - Temple ERP

This is an ERP which has been implemented in over 15 temples already. It has over 14 modules for management of donation, accommodation, stock, library, communication and more including roles and privileges management. Over here we have used Laravel backend and Angular2 in frontend. MySQL database is used alongwith cloud of Microsoft Azure server. Using this system, the waiting time, for donation, has been reduced to 10 min from 30 min (70%) during peak hours. We have also implemented SMS, so that the donor receives an SMS as a proof of her donation. This project was done by a team of 8 developers (frontend + backend)
Development Challenges
  • Every time the user had to fill all the details in the register.
  • Long waiting lines
  • Lots of space for human error while noting and calculating the donation.
  • We brought the phenomenon of Unique Identification Number here. This enables the user to just enter the unique number and all the details of the donor are displayed, saving the time of re entering the data every time. This has decreased the waiting time by a whopping 70%.
  • [1] Chief admin
  • [2] Temple admin
  • [3] Manager
  • [4] User creation and role management
  • [5] Automated SMS
  • [6] Different modules for temple management
  • [7] iPhone app (Swift lang)

ERP - Construction Industry

This ERP is designed specifically for construction industries. Through this ERP the chief administrator can track developments on all the sites, of the company, from one place. It has 3 types of users: Chief admin, the manager, and site engineer. The ERP consists of 5 major modules of construction industry. Technologies used here are Java – spring and hibernate, AngularJS, MySQL database. iPhone app of this construction ERP is in development. Over here we have used the server of Digital Ocean.
  • [1] 5 modules of the construction ERP app
  • [2] iPhone app

ERP - Manufacturing Industry ERP

We have developed this ERP for manufacturing industry, more of a flavoring industry. There are various stages from which a raw material passes before being converted to ready sell product. All these stages are covered as a module here. There are about 10 modules in it like purchase, weighbridge, quality check, payment, vendor, customer etc. There are dynamic roles management. This is with Laravel backend and frontend is in AngularJS with MySQL database. We have used Microsoft Azure server over here.
Development Challenges
  • All the manual processes and the stages were to be made digitized.
  • Sales process integration
  • We had to spend 3 full days on the industry site to design the process digitally.
  • We had one-to-one discussion with sales head and analysed their issues and requirements
  • [1] 10 modules of the ERP